Cafe Pacifico Address - 95 Riley St, East Sydney
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About Cafe Pacifico
Cafe Pacifico
95 Riley St , (Floor 1), East Sydney
Sydney, NSW, 2010
P:02 9360 3811
It was not till the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus and then Cortez, that the rest of the world was introduced to some of their most important staple foods. These included Corn, Beans, the Potato and not to forget the Avocado, the Tomato, Chillies, Peppers and cacao..

Mexican cuisine has many influences. The Mayas established a fantastic range of foods in Mexico. Later influences by the Aztecs, then Spain and its Arab/Moorish cooking (which influenced Spain from 700 AD to 1500 AD) added variations to Mexican cooking along with French and German influences of bread and cheeses.

“Cliche though it is, mouthwatering is the only way to describe the range of traditional Californian-Mexican dishes served up at Cafe Pacifico. Cafe Pacifico provides an unforgettable authentic Meso-American flavor to any evening. When you order the amazing Fajitas, you hear your meal before you see it. Cafe Pacifico is about atmosphere. Nowhere in Australia is it possible to have such an unique Mexican experience, imbued with a sense of style, sophistication and most importantly fun.”
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